IEFX is an FX and International Payments Platform developed for Irish companies. Many Irish companies receive payments in currencies other than Euro and need to make payments to suppliers and other counterparties in currencies other than Euro.

IEFX was established to facilitate the needs of Irish companies in this regard, providing an alternative to the opaque and inefficient FX and International Payment services offered by the Irish banks.

IEFX has developed an established FX and International Payments Platform operated by a leading International fintech company, Ebury Partners UK Ltd.


IEFX’s FX spreads and Transfer fees are simple and transparent.  Our clients will always know what the charge to buy or sell a currency is in advance.  The table below describes our FX spreads and Transaction Charges:

Trade Size IEFX Charge/Spread Transaction Charges and Commissions
Trade Size 1 €5,000 to €24,999.99 0.85% Nil
Trade Size 2 €25,000 to €74,999.99 0.75% Nil
Trade Size 3 €75,000 to €149,999.99 0.65% Nil
Trade Size 4 €150,000 to €249,999.99 0.50% Nil
Trade Size 5 €250,000 to €499,999.99 0.35% Nil
Trade Size 6 Greater than €500,000 0.25% Nil

*Transfers below €5,000 will incur a transaction charge of €15. Large volumes of transfers may incur transaction charges as appropriate

If you would like to discuss our rates in more detail or if you are buying large volumes of currency on a regular basis, please call our dealing desk at: 01 2544810 or email us at dealing@iefx.ie.


Spot and Forward FX
Our FX Platform allows clients to buy or sell currencies spot (for same day, next day or trade date plus 2 day settlement) or to trade on a given day for settlement up to 2 years in advance (margin payments will be required for this service).  By providing FX forward transactions of this type, IEFX can facilitate Irish firms in managing their ongoing FX needs into the future. Using these FX tools can allow IEFX and its dealers to work with each Irish client to formulate the most appropriate short, medium and long term FX plan and solutions in each particular client’s circumstances.

Multiple Payments to Multiple Beneficiaries
Our Platform processes single payments to individual beneficiaries or multiple payments to multiple beneficiaries in any one of 140 currencies. We can even process payments to hundreds of beneficiaries from the same account e.g. payroll services, dividend payments etc.  Our clients can download beneficiary account details in the form of a spreadsheet to our payments system and make payments to these large volumes of beneficiaries simultaneously.

Trade Finance
In addition to offering a leading FX and International Payments Platform, IEFX offers Trade Finance services to Irish companies:

The sole aim of our Trade Finance is to help businesses grow faster by financing trade.  In partnership with Ebury, we provide business funding for your supply chain by lending to Irish buyers and by providing accelerated, non-recourse cash payments to your suppliers.  Our facility can offer your business up to €1,000,000 for up to 150 days.

The majority of Trade Finance clients use the facility to finance imports from overseas.  With an active presence in many major trading economies worldwide, our knowledge and expertise means we can build bridges between buyer and seller, to create strong, profitable relationships.

Trade Finance


Up to €1million
A credit line to ensure cash is available
for your purchasing needs

150 days, flexible credit
Repay on a flexible schedule, avoid fees

Pay and repay in any currency
Negotiate in your supplier’s local currency
and mitigate your currency risk


Works with your business
Zero setup/upkeep costs. No guarantees,
no interference with your banking relationships

Fast decisions
Get access to top-up financing fast

Full transparency
You will know the terms and fees upfront.
Nothing is hidden

Niall DugganNiall Duggan
Managing Director

087 6356908

Niall began his career in 1995 when he joined the offices of Morgan Grenfell.   Niall then joined Brown Brothers Harriman & Co in London where he managed this US Stockbroking and Custodian firm’s relationships with its clients in The Netherlands.  Niall returned to Ireland in 1999 where he became involved in building a Private Client Division within Ulster Bank Investment Managers and in 2003, an Advisory Investment Division within BDO Ireland.

Niall established Duggan Asset Management Limited in 2005 and continues to manage this firm’s day to day activities.  Duggan Asset Management works with Merrion Stockbrokers Limited’s Retail Asset Management Division to develop leading investment solutions for retail investors since 2013. Niall is also Chief Executive Officer of Hampton Investments International.

Niall holds a BA and MEconSc from University College Dublin.

Ross HarrissonRoss Harrison



Ross began his career in 1999 when he joined Bank of Ireland Group where he worked in Bank of Ireland Commercial Electronic Banking and Bank of Ireland Insurance and Investments as a Manager. Ross then joined BDO Ireland and worked in the Financial Services Division and he later worked with Invesco advising Personal and Business clients on all aspects of financial planning and strategy.

Ross established FINPLAN Limited in 2009 a Financial Planning advisory firm where he continues to advise a number of Personal and Corporate clients.

Ross is a Qualified Financial Advisor, Certified Financial Planner and holds an MSc in Financial Services from University College Dublin. Ross is also a member of the Institute of Bankers.

richardRichard Galvin



Richard began his career in the banking sector before setting up Westboro Capital in 2002. Westboro Capital focuses on the delivery of superior investments to the  accountancy profession in Ireland.

Since inception, the company has invested in excess of €700 million of investor’s funds across various forms of investments including Structured Investments, Mezzanine Finance, Syndicated Property and Corporate Finance Investment. Richard maintains his role as Director of Westboro Capital.

chrisChris Turley



Chris obtained a History Degree from the University of Surrey in 2004 prior to entering into a graduate programme within one of the largest privately owned companies in the world. After holding several senior management roles, Chris moved to the foreign exchange market in London and has spent the past three years working for a cutting edge financial technology company developing an FX platform which has been specifically designed to satisfy the Trust sector market.

IEFX works closely with Chris to deliver training and in depth support to its clients.